Caliber Foods Ltd is a high growth food processing company based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our current operations are divided into two main business units; General Foods and a Bakery Division. At Caliber, we are very passionate about food. Through utilization of ultra-modern food technology, we have successfully created innovative food solutions within the industry. From Kenya’s premier Ready to Eat rice brand, to authentic, tasty flat breads, we have a wide range of products from which every member of our diversified society can choose from.

Our research team carefully selects ingredients which are mainly sourced locally, with some ingredients procured internationally, to obtain the finest grains and farm fresh vegetables. They are then carefully processed in our facilities under the highest food safety standards to ensure you enjoy quality meals every time.

We love our products and we love what we do- continuously striving to create innovative food solutions offering our customers increased Convenience, Quality and Affordability. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed and our brands have won several accolades at prestigious food industry awards. Click here to learn more.



Our products are at the forefront of the Convenience, Health and Nutrition wave. We continually seek to introduce innovative products, state of the art manufacturing, quality assurance and industry expertise.


We produce our products under the highest food safety standards, because we will accept nothing less. From raw materials handling, to processing and packaging, we ensure at every step in the process controls are put in place to ensure the highest food safety.


Our commitment to the highest standard is the foundation of our customers' trust. Delivering wholesome, nutritious food products to consumers depends on extensive cooperation and mutual reliance between our suppliers and retail partners. We stand behind our products, our service and our word.